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Tonight I’ve finally got on with it: I’ve been meaning to start a blog ever since I came home from my gap year in the summer, however I could never quite find the motivation or time for it. Now that Christmas is just around the corner, I’ve run out of excuses not to start.

A little bit about myself: I’m the 19-year old son of a Hungarian refugee who fled soviet tyranny in the ’50s and a very German mother, but I was born and grew up in South London, an incredibly diverse region in its own right. As a result, I associate myself with an amalgam of cultures: my British side comes out more in my politically incorrect and self-deprecating humour, whereas socially my diplomatic, German nature is more apparent. Lastly, my Hungarian side shows itself in my realism: I make a point to stay grounded in my opinions and actions in a somewhat cynical fashion, making sure to centre on logic. I take great pride in these three main cultures that have been present in my life so far.

After finishing my A-levels in 2016, I went off for a gap year on a program called STF. It was truly life-changing. I shall draw from my diverse range of experiences on STF in future posts. I was originally going to study BSc Physics at UCL after STF, however I decided to withdraw my place during the year, and have since taken a keen interest in the realms of Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE), which I now plan on studying at university instead. Since coming home from STF, I’ve been volunteering for a student organisation called CARP (Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles), which I intend to talk about in future posts, and I’ve also been working as a barista.

I was motivated to start blogging as I’ve been looking for a while for a place to effectively express my inner thoughts and feelings. Whilst I would like to provide others with valuable insight on relevant topical issues where I can, I’m also writing for myself. I’m looking for my opinions to be challenged by others, and to encourage healthy, open discussion on topics that have become taboo in modern-day western culture.

We are living in turbulent times. The unprecedented advancement of technology has led to every aspect of our culture being amplified and intensified on an alarming scale. In my blog I will address key issues facing today’s society and seek to provide perspectives that are principled, cohesive and ultimately deeply gratifying in the long run.

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