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I’ll wait for you

Take a moment to remember all the love you gave.
Where would I be without your love? I don’t even know.
Time flies, it’s hard to see what’s coming next.
But as long as you’re with me, I know I’ll be happy there.

It’s how I’ll be.
It’s how I’ll be.

Crusaders in the park tell me it’s time to go.
But I’m not listening to them, I’ll stay here with you.
They can’t tell me to leave when my heart’s with you.
They’ll just have to wait, just like I wait for you.

I’ll wait again.
I’ll wait again.

Memories like airplanes pass me by, a summer’s day.
I look forwards while looking back on that day.
I’m me here, now and then, and you, you’re the same.
So take my hand, hold it tight, ‘cos we’ll meet again.

Yeah, me and you.
Me and you.
Speak the truth.
Me and you.

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